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Gabion Baskets Barrier Technology

Standard Production of Gabions

Industrial and international standardized gabion box or gabion mattress production ensures accurate size, great performance and durable life.

Galfan Gabion VS Galvanized Gabion

Galfan gabion has corrosion resistance that is two or three times as good as the galvanized gabion, and it is a better choice in humid, seawater conditions.

Standard Ordering Information of Gabion Basket and Gabion Mattress

Refer to this article for an accurate order and quick receipt of gabion baskets and gabion mattresses of welded or woven technique.

Gabion Coating and Working Life

Galvanized, zinc-alluminum alloy and plastic coating to gabions suit for different site environments of dry or wet, low or high aggressive.

Rocks to Fill Gabion and Gabion Mattress

Soil stability not only depends on qualified gabions but also rocks filling, sizes, weights, shape and quality are all important parameters.

Definition of Terms on Gabion Basket and Gabion Mattress

For your preliminary understanding on gabion basket and mattresses, definitions of terminology of welded and woven gabions are given.

Gabion Tire Slope Protection

The tires as the gabion filler is environmental, and it owns a long service life and good flexibility. Thus gabion tires can avoid the damage from impact or erosion.

Welded Gabion Channel Governance

Welded gabion is extensively used in our life, it owns good entirety and high corrosion resistance. So the welded gabion is the best choice to protect the slope.

Gabion Salt Spray Test

The hexagonal wire gabion is used for slope protection, ecological river bank. To ensure its high corrosion resistance we make the neutral salt spray test for the steel.

Galvanized Gabion Coast Protection

The sea coast and the groyne are always scoured by the sea wave and get damaged. The gabion mattress which is galvanized and is stable to protect the sea coast.

Galfan Coated Gabion for Stockpile Area

The galfan coating gabion is of good corrosion resistance and is of nice durability. It is used as the slope protection for the stockpile area and keep the area neat.

Green PVC Coated Gabion for River Bank Control

The green PVC coated gabion has good adaptability, good durability and is easy to install. The gabion has bright prospect for river bank control and ecology balance.

Gabion Retaining Wall for Landfill Problem

The gabion retaining wall is flexible and stable. Its technology is easy and it has good permeability thus it's usually used for the slope protection.

Gabion Retaining Wall for Debris Flow Preventing

The debris flow causes huge damage for people. To prevent the disaster, we install the gabion by the highway. The gabion is stable and owns nice corrosion resistance.

Welded Gabion Vs. Woven Gabion

Are you in trouble of picking up gabion baskets - welded or woven type? Here are detail differences between welded and woven gabion.

How to Built a Gabion Retaining Wall?

Do you know how to build a gabion wall quickly? Here we supply a simple guidance about how to build a gabion wall in a proper and convenient way.

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