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Impact of Environment Conditions on the Service Life of Gabion Baskets

In most cases, the lifespan of gabion baskets varies as they are applied in different climate conditions and environments. Here we'd like to share something about the expected lifespan of gabion baskets in different environments.

Environmental Conditions Expected Lifespan
Internal buildings, clean and pollution-free environment Over 100 years
Low pollution, mostly in rural areas Over 100 years
Medium pollution, including urban and industrial environments, moderate sulfur dioxide pollution, coastal areas with low salinity Over 50 years
Industrial and coastal areas with moderate salinity Over 30 years
Industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmosphere,coastal and offshore areas with high salinity within 500 m of the sea. Over 15 years
Extreme industrial areas, coastal and offshore areas with prolonged contact with salt spray Over 5 years
The picture shows a house surrounded by retaining walls made of gabion baskets.

Gabion basket retaining wall

The picture shows gabion baskets paved on the seashore for flow control.

Gabion basket for seashore flow control

It can be seen that the expected lifespan of gabion baskets is reduced in industrial areas and coastal areas with high humidity and high salinity. Then, if we want to extend the service life of gabion baskets, we have to consider the selection of materials for gabion baskets in the following application areas. It mainly includes:

  • Coastal environments

    Within 1000 m of the coast, characterized by: a small amount of salt deposits; a frequent smell of salt in the air; in the immediate vicinity of large expanses of calm salt water such as harbor foreshore.

  • Industrial environments

    Within 500 m of corrosive industrial emissions, it will greatly affect the service life of gabion baskets.

  • Acid soils

    When constructing gabion retaining walls in strong acid soils (pH less than 5.5), geotextiles and properly designed drainage systems must be applied to separate the soil and corrosive groundwater from gabion baskets

Therefore, the selection of materials for gabion baskets in special applications is very important. Common materials for gabion baskets include galvanized wire, PVC coated wire and galfan wire. All these materials have extremely high corrosion resistance performance. If you don't know their difference, you can contact us directly, we can bring forward reasonable solutions for your application and tell you the precautions in use, so that you can be free from worries.