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Four Main Factors Affecting Your Gabion Basket Selection

Gabion baskets are widely used for slope protection, retaining walls, channel linings, noise barriers, etc. As the application scope continues to expand, the types of gabion basket derivatives are also quietly changing. Derivatives like gabion boxes and gabion mattresses emerge on the market. Gabion basket moves quickly towards a more specialized and refined direction. When purchasing gabion baskets, we are required to choose appropriate high-quality gabion baskets according to the characteristics of our project, so that we can get the maximum return with the minimum investment. So what factors should be considered in the purchase of gabion baskets?


Generally, we have both double twisted gabion baskets and welded gabion baskets, which are produced by different production processes and are applied to different situations. Here we list their common applications. You can choose the right gabion basket according to your specific application.

  • Double twisted gabion basket

    Double twisted gabion basket refers to a rectangular box with double-twisted or triple-twisted hexagonal mesh fabric made of galvanized wire, PVC wire, or Galfan wire. It has been successfully used in a variety of applications including retaining walls, river banks, slope protection, channel linings, dams and culverts, etc.

    The picture shows a section of retaining wall made of double twisted gabion baskets.

    Double twisted gabion baskets for retaining wall

    The picture shows a river whose banks are made of double twisted gabion baskets.

    Double twisted gabion baskets for river banks

    The picture shows double twisted gabion baskets for slope protection against the blue sky.

    Double twisted gabion baskets for slope protection

  • Welded gabion basket

    Made of galvanized steel wire or Galfan wire, welded gabion basket generally has a solid structure, a durable service life and provides higher strength. It is commonly used in engineering constructions and architectural decorations like garden landscaping, trapezoidal gabion walls, interior decorations, gabion fireplaces and building facades.

    The picture shows the beautiful scenery of welded gabion for garden landscaping.

    Welded gabion for garden landscaping

    The picture shows a trapezoidal wall made of welded gabions.

    Welded gabions for trapezoidal wall

    The picture shows an indoor fireplace made of welded gabions.

    Welded gabions for interior fireplace


Gabion baskets are generally made of galvanized steel wire, Galfan steel wire and PVC coated wire. These materials have their own unique advantages; you can choose the right material according to their characteristics.

Material Description
Galvanized steel wire High-quality galvanized low-carbon steel wire with a tensile strength of not less than 380 MPa. Hot-dip galvanizing is employed for surface protection. The thickness of the galvanized protective layer is manufactured according to customer requirements. The maximum galvanized amount is up to 300 g/m2. Galvanized steel wire is one of the most commonly used materials today.
PVC coated wire Steel wires with a PVC or PE coating on the surface. Gabion baskets made of PVC coated wire can greatly increase the protection in the high pollution environments. In addition, there are various colors for your option to match with the surrounding environment.
Galfan wire The composition of Galfan wire is 5% aluminum-zinc alloy or 10% aluminum-zinc alloy. When corrosion occurs, it will form an oxide layer; therefore, it provides excellent anti-corrosion and anti-wear performances. It remains staying in good condition even in the harshest environments. Besides, Galfan wire enjoys the longest service life, which is twice as long as that of galvanized steel wire.


In addition to gabion boxes, we also have a similar product – gabion mattress . Similar like gabion boxes, gabion mattresses are divided into double twisted gabion mattresses and welded gabion mattresses, which are widely used in hillsides, river linings, bridge protection and river bank erosion applications.

Its main difference from gabion boxes is that the gabion mattress is relatively lower in height. Generally, it is 0.15 m, 0.17 m, 0.23 m, 0.3 m, and 0.5 m in height and presents a flat structure, which offers more stability. The gabion box is generally 1 m in height. You can choose corresponding products according to your application. For example, you can choose gabion mattresses for river bank slope protection as its flat structure provides more stability; you can choose gabion boxes for river bank elevation & reinforcement due to its height.

The picture shows the gabion mattresses for river bank slope protection.

Gabion mattress for slope protection

The picture shows the gabion mattresses for channel lining.

Gabion mattress for channel linings


  • Opening size

    You can choose the opening size according to the size of stones to be filled in gabion baskets.

  • Standard size

    Double twisted gabion basket: 60 mm × 80 mm, 80 mm × 100 mm and other customized sizes.
    gabion basket: 76.2 mm × 76.2 mm and other customized sizes.

  • Gabion basket size

    We need to determine the length, width, and height of the gabion basket according to its actual application scene.
    Standard sizes: 3 × 1 × 1 m, 2 × 1 × 1 m, 1 × 1 ×1 m and other customized sizes.