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Gabion Planters Decorate Your Office Sites or Private Gardens

Gabion is a flexible structure, which is made of welded mesh or double twisted hexagonal mesh. It is a functional and decorative combination. Except for gabion retaining walls or garden walls, the gabion landscaping is more and more popular in private or commercial sites.

More and more people want to decorate their garden, courtyard and even office building with gabions and various shapes and colors stones.

The gabion planters are one of most important landscaping gabions for strong yet stylish boarder for a flower or plant bed, so it is also called, stone basket planters, steel flower baskets or even gabion raised garden bed.

Detailed specifications

  • Material:
  • Wire diameters: 3/4/5/6 mm.
    • Hot dipped galvanized steel wire.
    • Galfan coated steel wire.
    • PVC coating steel wire.
  • Mesh size: 50 × 50 mm, 75 × 75 mm, 100 × 50 mm, 200 × 50 mm, etc.
  • Gabion size: varies according to customers' requirements.

Why choose gabion planters?

  • Rustproof and weather resistance. Galvanized or Galfan coating steel wire or PVC coating wires supplies durable and stable structure for several years use.
  • Flexible structure. Square, rectangular, column and any special shapes or designs can be free customized.
  • Colorful for your needs. Powder coating treatment supplies various colors including black, red, yellow or any other colors you want for your different use.
  • Eco-friendly. It will not pollute the surrounding environments while make your site beautiful.
  • Functional along with beautiful. Unique design will decorate your site while supplies comfortable bed for your plants or flowers.
A column shape gabion planter on the ground.
Column shape gabion planters filled with white stones are used as water scene.
GP-02: Round shape gabion planter.
An assembled square shape gabion planter on the ground.
A tree is planted in the square gabion planter.
GP-03: Square shape gabion planter.
An assembled hexagonal gabion planter on white background.
Several flowers and plants are planted in the hexagonal shape gabion planter in the garden.
GP-04: Hexagonal shape gabion planter.
An assembled gabion pillar with an empty space on white background.
Several red flowers are raised in the space top of the gabion pillar.
GP-05: Customized gabion planter.

Customized Designs

Two gabion planters with wooden seats on the ground and two plants in the gabion planter.
GP-06: Gabion planters with seats design.
A curved planter landscape with several plants in it.
GP-07: Curved gabion landscaping design.
#Three hexagonal shape gabion planters with flowers in it.
GP-08: Hexagonal gabion planter design in garden.
Red color gabion planters with angel steel beside of the garden wall.
GP-09: Gabion planter with angel steel design.

Production lines

  • The gabion planters can be made of rustproof and weather resistant silver galvanized & Galfan coated steel wires or powder coating steel wires in black, red or any other colors you want.
  • Weld the transverse and longitudinal wires at each and every intersection to form the weld mesh panel with extra stability.
  • Cut the welded mesh panel into pieces at customers' needed sizes and equip enough accessories, such as spiral binders & C clips, corner stiffeners, binding wire.
  • Packed with pallet and waiting for loading.
Several rolls of galvanized steel wires on the ground.
GP-10: Qualified galvanized steel wires ensures the corrosion and rust resistance.
A machine is welding the welded mesh panels.
GP-11: Efficient welding production line ensures the durable and firm strength of gabion planter.
Several bundles of welded wire mesh panels and spiral binders on the ground.
GP-12: Perfect package can protect products from impact and damage.

Installation guidance

  1. Unpack the welded mesh panels.
  2. Put each section on the suitable place.
  3. Secure panels with spiral binders.
  4. Install the inner layer of welded mesh panels.
  5. Fill with stones or rocks.
  6. Raise flowers or plants you favorite into the gabion planters.
Several pieces of welded mesh gabions stacked together.
GP-13: Unpack welded mesh panels.
six pieces of welded mesh panel are placed suitable position.
P-14: G put panels into places.
Fasten the welded mesh gabion with spiral binders.
GP-15: Secure panels with spiral binders.
All the panels are assembled waiting for filling.
GP-16: Install the inner layer welded mesh panels.
The rectangular gabion planter are filled with stones in the gap.
GP-17: Fill gabion planter with stones.
Several green plants are raised in the gabion planter.
GP-18: Raise plants or flowers in the gabion planter.

Other applications

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