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Galfan Gabion – Ideal for Harshest Environments

Galfan gabions are made of Galfan coated steel wires. Galfan wire, also called zinc-5% aluminum-mischmetal (Zn-5 Al-MM) alloy-coated carbon steel wire. They have better corrosion and abrasion resistance performance than gabions made of PVC coated steel wires and standard zinc coated steel wires.

  • Galfan material is in accordance with ASTM A856M.
  • Gabions are in accordance with ASTM A975
  • 3 times corrosion resistance over galvanized gabions in salty spray test.
  • 2 times corrosion resistance performance in SO2 Atmosphere Test
  • Ideal for extremely harsh and corrosive environments, including marine, rural and industrial engineering projects.
  • Accord with ASTM A975, ASTM A641, ASTM A90, ASTM A185
  • Ideal for both construction engineering and architectural decorations.
  • Special discount for large orders.
  • Project reference can be supplied for your bid.
  • ISO Certificated factory.
  • SGS Test Report can be provided.
  • CAD or 3D drawing can be supplied for your design and construction.
A drawing of galfan gabions on the white background.

Available types

A drawing of galfan gabion baskets on white background.

Gabion box

A drawing of galfan reno mattress on white background.

Gabion mattress



  • Structure
    • Welded gabions: 3" × 3" square mesh opening, 8 gauge wire diameter
    • Woven gabions: 60 × 80 mm or 80 × 100 mm opening, 2.0–3.9 mm wire diameter.


  • Less abrasion. Galfan coating has a more even, ductile and smoother coating than galvanized zinc coating.
  • Better corrosion resistance
  • 3 times corrosion resistance performance over standard zinc coating in salty spray test
  • 2 times corrosion resistance performance over standard zinc coating in SO2 Atmosphere Test


 Galfan gabion mattresses are placed on the river bank

River bank protection

Galfan gabion baskets are installed on the bottom of soil slope.

Retaining wall

Galfan gabion cages are installed under the bridge.

Bridge protection

Galfan gabion walls in the yard

Gabion wall

Galfan gabion landscaping are installed on the street

Gabion landscaping

Galfan gabion planters with several plants and flowers in the garden.

Gabion planters