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Reno Mattress – Channel Lining & River Banks

Gabion mattresses, also known as reno mattresses, are gabion products with lower heights. It is available with double twisted woven types or rigid welded types in both galvanized steel wire and Galfan steel wires.

Gabion reno mattresses are widely used for stability and protection in steel hillsides, channel lining, bridge protection and river bank erosion control.

  • Double twisted woven or welded gabion options.
  • Galvanized, galfan steel wires or PVC coated wires.
  • Accord with ASTM A974, ASTM A974, ASTM A641, ASTM A90, ASTM A185
  • Ideal for construction engineering.
  • Special discount for large orders.
  • Project reference can be supplied for your bid.
  • ISO Certificated factory.
  • SGS Test Report can be provided.
  • CAD or 3D drawing can be supplied for your design and construction.
A drawing of gabion mattress on white background.

Available types

A drawing of double twisted woven gabion reno mattress on white background.

Double Twisted Woven Type

A drawing of welded gabion reno mattress on white background.

Welded Type



  • Material: galvanized steel wire, galfan wire, PVC coated wire.
  • Structure: double twisted woven type and welded type.
  • Height: 0.15/0.17/0.23/0.3/0.5 m.
  • Mesh size diameter: 2–2.7 mm.
  • Selvage wire diameter: 2.7–3.4 mm.
  • Tie wire diameter: commonly is 2.2 mm.
  • More specifications refer to the data sheet




  • High durability.

    Made of high quality low carbon wire, our gabion mattress is strong and durable; meanwhile, all edges are reinforced with wire selvage for added strength. It can bear the heavy weight of dense hard rocks and has high shear resistance than traditional riprap so that it allows for better soil stabilization.

  • Superb permeability.

    The space between rocks allows for excellent drainage to reduce the hydrostatic pressure as well as ensure natural water exchange and ecological equilibrium.

  • Integrity.

    Gabion mattress can be divided into chambers by inserting diaphragms, meanwhile, independent units can be fastened together to form an integral monolithic structure - just using steel tie wire.

  • Environmental friendly.

    Gabion mattress, mounted on the bank of rivers and streams can effectively prevents soil erosion. Additionally, vegetation on the mattress improves the soil protection as well as decorates the surroundings.

  • Economy.

    The filling materials such as local rocks and stones are low-cost; meanwhile, they are easy to assembly and install not requiring skilled labor and large equipment. Drainage systems are also not needed owing to its high permeability. Most of all, they are long lasting and maintenance free if the design and construction are reasonable.



  • Channel lining
  • Slope protection
  • River bank
  • Steep hillsides
  • Bridge protection
  • Foreshore foot protection
  • Revetments
  • Stream banks
  • Sea wall
  • Stable slopes
  • Spillways
  • Weirs
  • Highway embankments
  • Railway cuttings
 Several lines of gabion reno mattresses are placed under the bridge.

Bridge protection

A line of river banks are placed with gabion reno mattresses.

Rive bank

A channel lining is placed with welded gabion reno mattress.

Channel lining.

Three layers of gabion reno mattresses are installed in the middle of the river.

River protection

The drainage pipe line is made of gabion reno mattresses.


A steep slope is placed with gabion reno mattresses.

Slope protection