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Desert Gabion – Cost-effective and Good Sand Erosion Resistance

Desert gabion is the gabion basket or cage installed in desert. It can be welded or woven with stable structure and excellent resistance to sand erosion.

Desert gabion can be widely used in slope and desert reinforced system and it is beneficial for vegetation growth and sand control.

  • Withstand harsh environments
  • Galvanized or galfan steel wires.
  • Accord with ASTM A974, ASTM A641, ASTM A90, ASTM A185
  • Ideal for construction engineering.
  • Special discount for large orders.
  • Project reference can be supplied for your bid.
  • ISO Certificated factory.
  • SGS Test Report can be provided.
  • CAD or 3D drawing can be supplied for your design and construction.
Several layers of desert gabions are installed on the steep hill in the desert.


  • Materials: galvanized steel wire, galfan steel wire.
  • Wire diameter: 2–5 mm.
  • Production process: welding, weaving.
  • Surface treatment: galvanization, PVC, galfan, aluminum coating.
  • Packing: sheets or rolls in wooden cases or pallets.


  • Superior corrosion and erosion resistance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Environmental protection and economical.
  • Withstand harsh environments.


  • Desert reinforcement
  • Greening system.
  • Erosion control
Several layers of welded gabion in the desert and several plants growing on them.

Greening system

Two layers of gabions are installed in the desert.

Desert reinforcement

Several layers of galvanized woven gabions are installed on the slope.

Erosion control