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Gabion Noise Barrier – Efficient, Aesthetic & Durable

Noise barrier gabion is a suitable and effective way to prevent noise and protect man and animals from unpleasant noises. Gabion baskets are filled with stones or gravels are erected up for effective block.

  • Double twisted woven or welded gabion options.
  • Galvanized or galfan steel wires.
  • Ideal for commercial, industrial and private use.
  • Special discount for large orders.
  • Project reference can be supplied for your bid.
  • ISO Certificated factory.
  • SGS Test Report can be provided.
  • CAD or 3D drawing can be supplied for your design and construction.
A line of welded gabions are installed side of railway.


  • Timber noise barrier – It has too many gaps that allow noise to pass through, thus, timber noise barriers effect actually micro for noise blocking.
  • Hedge noise barrier – Noise can pass through, over and under hedges easily, so that it blocks less noise than any other barriers, but it has a more pleasing appearance.
  • Corrugated iron barrier – it is too thin to block most noise. Normally, eighty percent of road noise may pass through the barrier directly.
  • Block/brick barrier – Smooth surface makes most of noises being bounced back into the environments instead of reducing the noise.
 A drawing shows several ways of noise barrier gabions to control noises.

How gabions works

Comparison of different materials and gabions for noise barrier.

Different noise barrier material comparison



  • Class A galvanized hexagonal woven or welded gabions.
  • PVC coated hexagonal woven gabions are also available.
  • Hexagonal woven gabion – 80 × 100 mm meshes with 2.7 mm diameter.
  • Welded gabion – 75 × 100 mm meshes with 3.15 mm diameter
  • Lacing wire is 2.2 mm for both woven and welded gabions
  • Infill rock size – 100–250 mm, unweathered, with rock density of minimum 2.6 t/m3.
  • Rock infill should be infilled manually reduce any spaces where sounds can pass through.


  • High strength

    Normally, gabion noise barriers are mounted at an accurate calculated spacing and supported by vertical posts for higher strength. Normally, this spacing is determined by various factors, such as topography, design wind velocities and wall height, etc.

  • Dense filling material

    Dense filling materials with less gaps and holes efficiently prevent noise passing through the barrier directly.

  • Superb noise blocking

    Rugged surface of gabion noise barrier effectively makes traffic noise to be diffused and reduced. As an acoustic wall, gabion noise barriers also can efficiently control, absorb and reduce the noise to the largest extent. For example, noise from a large truck is about 85db, a gabion wall in thickness of 1m can reduce 60db comparing with others as shown in the right picture.

  • High versatility.

    Gabion noise barrier is generally mounted along highways and roads to reduce traffic noises, meanwhile, it can be used as veneers and cladding for sound insulation and interior & exterior decoration.

  • Easy assembly & longevity

    Our gabion noise barriers can be assembled quickly and easily without the needs of skilled workers and large equipment. Meanwhile, all the gabion noise barriers are heavily galvanized after welding to ensure they are extremely resistant to rust and corrosion. PVC coating in various colors is also available to suit your projects. Thus, they can be used for years requiring little even no maintenance.



Sound protection gabion wall offers effective protection from traffic noises:

  • Motorway routes
  • Railway routes
  • Industrial premises.
  • Private area.
Several layers of gabion noise barriers are installed side of highway.


Several layers of gabion noise barriers are installed side of railway.


Several layers of gabion noise barriers are installed on the street.