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Bastion Barrier and Gabion Basket Product list

Bastion Barrier

Securest bastion barrier as an earth-filled defensive barrier is easy to deploy for providing great protection to personnel and prized assets.

Storm & Flood Lined Barrier

Extra-safe storm flood gabion barrier, composed of durable welded steel mesh and polypropylene geotextile, are ideal for flood, storm and erosion control.

Gabion Landscaping

Gabion landscaping is sturdy, corrosion and deformation resistant. It is environmentally friendly and it can also provide you with long-term services.

Gabion Planters

Weld mesh gabion planters in different designs are ideal for outdoor plant bed or gabion raised garden bed. Functional meanwhile beautiful enjoy for you.

Welded Gabion Baskets

Superdura galfan and PVC welded gabion basket with greater strength and better shape control, is the best choice of soil retaining and flood control.

Woven Gabion Basket

Galfan and PVC woven gabion baskets with flexible and robust structure, are generally used as gravity retaining wall, channel lining and hydraulic structures, etc.

Gabion Mattress

Galfan and PVC gabion mattress, made of hexagonal double twist wire mesh or welded wire mesh, is ideal for slope stabilization and river bank protection.

Gabion Retaining Wall

Gabion retaining wall can be assembled easily and it is with good permeability to reduce the damage of water or flood to protect river bank, hill, beach, etc.

Gabion Wall

Gabion retaining wall, composed of welded gabion baskets can be quickly assembled to retain the slope in your garden, protect river bank, etc.

Rockfall Barriers

Rockfall barriers are mainly used in roadside, soil slope protection, highway construction, coastal protection, tunnel construction, private areas and so on.

Gabion Noise Barrier

Gabion noise barrier refers to a sound blocking wall constructed by welded gabion boxes to control, absorb, diffuse and reduce noises effectively.

Reinforced Gabion

Reinforced gabion has flexible and solid structure in reinforced slope systems, and it used for retaining wall, erosion control, roadworks.

Double Diaphragm Gabion

Double diaphragm gabion has a flexible and integrated structure, high strength and it used for river channel, bank protection, soil reinforced system.

Terraced Gabion

Terraced gabion has steel ribbed stiffeners that make it become more solid than the common, and it is used for slope reinforced, gardening modular.


We supply various gabion accessories including spiral joints, hot rings, U clips and gabion stiffeners for gabion assembly and reinforcing.