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Gabion Basket Development, Category & Application

Gabion basket is a kind of woven or welded steel cage or box filled with materials like stones, concretes, sands, or soils. Therefore, gabion basket is a partially flexible block structure for slope stability and erosion protection in construction. We have produced various gabion baskets that are used in different engineering projects like slope protection and bank reinforcement.

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A galvanized gabion basket is displayed.


The picture shows gabion baskets with artillery in the 16th century.

Gabion baskets in ancient times

The word gabion comes from the Italian gabbione, which literally means "big cage". The gabion basket design can date back to ancient times. Remains of gabion basket walls dating back to 5000 years ago were first found on the banks of the Nile for coast protection. In the 16th century, the first gabion basket appeared in Britain was a wicker basket filled with soil and was used as a bunker for artillery in military bases. In the 17th century, gabion basket structures were first employed in Japan for flood prevention projects. In the early 18th century, bag-shaped gabion baskets were used in Italy for river bank maintenance and reinforcement.

After decades of use and improvement, modern gabion basket emerges and prevails.




According to different structures, our gabion baskets are generally divided into gabion boxes and gabion mattresses as shown below.

Manufacturing technology

According to the manufacturing technology, our gabion baskets are generally divided into double twisted gabion baskets and welded gabion baskets as shown below.



The picture shows gabion baskets for slope protection along expressways.

Gabion baskets for slope protection

The picture shows trees and grass grow on the slope protected by gabion baskets.

Gabion baskets for slope vegetation greening

The picture shows gabion baskets for river channel linings.

Gabion baskets for river channel linings

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