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Excellent Gabion Basket Performance in River Bank Protection

Currently, gabion baskets have been widely used in many applications such as channel linings and retaining walls. What's more, it plays an important role especially in river bank protection. So, what's the role of gabion baskets in river embankment protection, and what are its advantages?

Erosion of banks and rivers is a common problem exists in almost all rivers both at home and abroad. In river bank protection, it can contain the erosion, protect river banks, and curb soil erosion. In addition, it also has the following benefits:

  • Stabilize river banks and reduce agricultural land losses;
  • Reduce unwanted deposits in other areas;
  • Reduce excessive sedimentation in watercourses, reduce sand and gravel deposits, and protect spawning and invertebrate habitats
  • Avoid river channel widening and water level falling to protect the living temperature and oxygen levels of animals in the water.
  • Create a habitat for mammals, birds and plants around the river bank.

Concrete blocks, dry stones and gabion baskets are three main methods now commonly used for river bank protection. Through the comparison table listed below, you will find gabion baskets are your best choice for river bank protection due to the following reasons:

The picture shows concrete blocks are placed on the river bank for bank protection.

Concrete block river bank protection

The picture shows the dry stones are placed on the river bank for bank protection.

Dry stone river bank protection

The picture shows gabions are placed along the river banks for bank protection.

Gabion river bank protection

Comparison Table of Different Types of River Bank Protection Performanc
Concrete Block Dry Stone Gabion Baskets
Comprehensive cost Higher Medium Medium
Scope of application Mainly used for banks of large rivers and seashores Mainly used for banks of small and medium rivers Suitable for banks of all rivers and seashores
Service life Up to decades A short period Up to decades
Construction method Complex and difficult construction Simple construction and high manpower consumption Simple construction and low manpower consumption
Landscape environment Destroy the original ecological balance Lack of vitality and affect the landscape environment Capable of growing plants that blend into the environment
Foundation change Difficult to adapt to foundation changes and hard to repair Difficult to adapt to foundation changes Adapt to foundation settlement

It can be seen that gabion baskets are widely used in water conservancy projects due to the unique structure and advantages and its application in river bank protection also grows rapidly. Therefore, choosing the right gabion basket is crucial. We are a professional manufacturer of gabion baskets. We can provide both double twisted gabion baskets and welded gabion baskets that suitable for large or medium and small rivers and ditches. We can not only provide gabion baskets made of galvanized steel wire and Galfan steel wires, but also provide installation instructions and plan drawings to help you complete your river bank protection projects.