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FAQs Helps You Order Superior Gabion Baskets Quickly

  • What kind of gabion baskets do you have?

  • What's the opening size of gabion baskets commonly used?

    Double twisted gabion basket: 60 × 80 mm and 80 × 100 mm;

    Welded gabion basket: 76.2 mm × 76.2 mm (3" × 3").

  • What's the wire diameter of gabion baskets commonly used?

    Double twisted gabion basket: 2.7 mm with the edge wire diameter of 3.4 mm.

    Welded gabion basket: 4 mm or 5 mm (6 gauge or 9 gauge).

  • How to choose the size of gabion baskets?

    We will identify the gabion basket size according to your application. For example, gabion boxes are suitable for river bank slope protection, while gabion mattresses are suitable for river bank elevation & reinforcement.

  • How much is a gabion basket per square meter?

    Our prices are flexible. The difference in materials, opening sizes and wire diameters will certainly have an impact on the gabion basket price. You can tell us about your specific requirements so that we can quote you as soon as possible.

  • How long is the lifespan of the gabion basket?

    The service life of gabion basket varies as they are made of different materials. Gabion baskets made of galvanized steel wire are the most commonly used gabion baskets. It can enjoy a service life of about 30 years. If the surface is coated with PVC or PE, it can enjoy a service life of 50 to 60 years. If it is Galfan gabion, it can enjoy a service life of up to 100 years.

  • Does gabion basket need a foundation?

    No, it doesn't. Gabion basket does not require a concrete foundation. But some foundation work remains need to be done. If the underground soil is soft, the soft topsoil must be removed first and replaced with hard soil.

  • What is the application of the gabion basket?

    Gabion baskets are widely used in many applications, including channel linings, noise barriers, mass gravity retaining walls, bridge abutments and culverts, gulley control, bank slope protection, landscape gardening for partition walls and benches, etc. View more applications of gabion baskets.

  • What are the advantages of the gabion basket?

    Gabion baskets have a variety of advantages including excellent flexibility, great permeability, high strength, long service life, etc. For more information, please refer to Gabion Basket Advantages .

  • Does gabion basket rust?

    No, it doesn't. Our gabion baskets are made of galvanized steel wire and Galfan wire with PVC or PE coating on the surface. As long as you do not damage the zinc layer and plastic layer during installation, it will not rust. As for the welded gabions, we will introduce you how to extend the service life of welded gabions.

  • How high can the gabion wall be?

    With proper and safe construction, our gabion wall can reach 30 feet in height.

  • Will the cost of the gabion basket be high after the overall installation?

    No, it will not. The installation of the gabion basket is simple and easy to learn. Workers can operate it easily. Besides, they can use large machinery for mechanized operations. As long as the rock is hard and durable, it can be filled with local rock at no additional cost.

  • Which one is better, double twisted gabion basket or welded gabion basket?

    As the two gabion baskets are used in different ways, therefore, we can never tell you which one is better. Welded gabion baskets are generally used in building decorations due to its attractive appearance while double twisted gabion baskets are commonly used in engineering constructions and river bank protection. You can choose gabion baskets according to your specific applications.

  • What size of stones are required to fill the gabion basket?

    We recommend that stones for gabion baskets shall fall within 100 mm and 200 mm. If the stones are not placed on the exposed surface of the gabion basket, ±5% size variation is acceptable. In all cases, the stone size shall neither be greater than 250 mm nor less than 80 mm.

  • What kind of stone is used for gabion basket fillings?

    All hard and durable gravels are acceptable for gabion basket fillings. For example, basalt, sandstone and even pebble. Please note that round river stones are not recommended as it may cause the gabion basket bulge out and lead to structural integrity loose.

  • Can gabion baskets be reused?

    No, it cannot be reused. Because gabion baskets are immovable in a fixed application environment, therefore, they cannot be reused. However, all materials are recyclable and cause no pollution to the environment.

  • What is the quality standard of your gabion baskets?

    Our welded gabion baskets comply with ASTM A974, ASTM A641, ASTM A90 and ASTM A185 standards.

    Our double twisted gabion baskets comply with ASTM A975, ASTM A641, ASTM A90 and ASTM A185 standards.