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What Gabion Baskets Do for Us

Military defense

For regions with ever-present threats, the demands of a durable and reliable defensive barrier are more urgent. Securest bastion barriers, made of fully welded steel panels and heavy duty non-woven polypropylene geotextile, provide efficient protection to your troops, personnel, vehicles, facilities and other prized assets. Meanwhile, they are also ideal for boundary delineation, peace keeping, etc.

Security structure

Various alignments of bastion barrier can create a wide range of security structures for protecting against specific threats. For example, Securest can form an accommodation bunker that provides a shelter to safeguard about eight persons from indirect fire weapons; meanwhile, using Securest can form a bunker roof with a span up to 3.3m for protecting against blast and fragmentation.

Storm & flood control

Originally, people use sand bags to defend floods and storms, but it proves to be inconvenient as people need to fill these bags and arrange them properly. So a convenient but reliable system is urgently needed. Storm & flood control barrier can solve all these problems as it is easy to deploy, fill even recover. Thus, the construction time is efficiently shortened and the labor cost is lowered to the largest extent.

Erosion control

For regions where the velocity of flood water is high, soils on river banks are so easily to loss. So a retaining structure is needed to protect them from erosion and scour. In this circumstance, gabion retaining wall or gabion mattress is preferred choices. They fit the terrain of ground, dissipate flowing water energy efficiently as well as drain the water freely without any hydrostatic pressure issue.

Bridge protection

Gabion baskets and gabion mattress are also widely used to stabilize soil conditions around the bridge, bridge piers and bridge abutment slopes. Therefore, the river bed is effectively protected against erosion and scour. Meanwhile, it maintains the excellent performance of bridge pier and prolongs the lifespan of the bridges.

Noise control

Gabion noise barrier , as an effective sound blocker, is generally used in high traffic areas where the traffic noise may disturb the surrounding residents. Compared with other noise barriers, this gabion type features irregular surface that can diffuse the sound. Meanwhile, dense filling material and thick structure ensure there are no gaps and holes to let the sound pass through.

Channel Lining

Gabion baskets are ideal to control water flowing volume and avoid water from running off, thus, the neighboring water resources are protected to ensure surrounding animals have water to drink. So they are generally used as channel linings, culvert outlets and weirs, etc.

Civil engineering (Landscaping)

Beside above applications, welded gabion baskets are ideal for civil engineering. For example, they are generally used as facades, cladding [/] or columns for supporting. Meanwhile, they also act as free standing fences to protect your properties.