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Why Gabion Baskets Are So Widely Used for Protection & Decoration?

You may have seen them in many places like cage baskets stacked on slopes and rivers and noise barriers when trains are whistling, etc. These cage baskets are called gabion baskets.Modern gabion baskets are made of metal meshes that are filled with stones, gravels or pebbles. Sometimes, internal ballasts like concretes or sands are applied to maintain its stability. Nowadays, an increasing number of people are aware of its aesthetic value, therefore, gabion baskets are widely used in gardens, streets, and buildings for the construction of walls, pillars, benches and garden planting. Gabion baskets are manufactured in a wide range of specifications to meet your specific demands and design requirements.

Gabion baskets are so widely used, what are its advantages?

  • Flexibility and durability

    Gabion baskets have been used for such a long time since its born, one of the main reasons may contribute to its flexibility and durability. Gabion baskets may be locally deformed under high pressure. However, the whole structure will not be destroyed, thus avoiding the damage to its structural integrity.

  • High strength

    Gabion baskets are made of high quality galvanized steel wire or Galfan wire with high strength, which provides a solid structure and makes it become rigid under the action of tension. In addition, the sediment and vegetation in the gabion make it stronger as time goes on and form a natural permanent structure. Many people adopt gabion baskets for bench bases and retaining walls based on this character.

  • Good permeability

    Gabion basket essentially leaves space among stones. This accelerates the flow of air and water, ensures the natural exchange of water and soil, and takes an active part in the growth and survival of living organisms and microorganisms in the water to purify the natural environment of waters.

  • Economical & low cost

    Gabion baskets can be easily assembled by yourself without help, which makes you free from installation costs.

  • Vegetation afforestation

    Laying a soil layer on the gabion basket during construction helps the natural sink of gaps in the water when filling protective works and protects the living environment of green vegetation in the water. Plants can grow almost naturally. Naturally-grown plants have strong lodging resistance and can withstand harsh natural environments.

  • Corrosion resistance

    The main purpose of gabion baskets is to reduce or prevent corrosion. Gabion baskets are made of galvanized steel wire or Galfan wire that can be exposed to wind, rain and sunlight, and resist strong corrosive substances.

  • Aesthetic appreciation

    The main reason why gabion baskets are used in gardens and streets is that it looks natural and beautiful though it is an artificial structure. In addition, it can also vary in sizes and shapes. For example, you can choose curved or round gabion baskets. Besides, you can fill your gabion baskets with fillings of various colors, textures and sizes to match up with the surrounding environment.

  • Long service life

    Gabion baskets enjoy a lifespan of decades when used under natural conditions. In addition, it is almost maintenance-free.