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Assembly Guidance of Gabion Planters

The gabion planters are one of most important landscaping gabions for strong yet stylish boarder for a flower or plant bed, so it is also called, stone basket planters, steel flower baskets or even gabion raised garden bed.

More and more people want to decorate their garden, courtyard and even office building with gabions and various shapes and colors stones.

Installation guidance

  1. Unpack the welded mesh panels.
    Several pieces of welded mesh gabions stacked together.

    Unpack welded mesh panels.

  2. Put each section on the suitable place.
    six pieces of welded mesh panel are placed suitable position.

    Put panels into places.

  3. Secure panels with spiral binders.
    Fasten the welded mesh gabion with spiral binders.

    Secure panels with spiral binders.

  4. Install the inner layer of welded mesh panels.
    All the panels are assembled waiting for filling.

    Install the inner layer welded mesh panels.

  5. Fill with stones or rocks.
    The rectangular gabion planter are filled with stones in the gap.

    Fill gabion planter with stones.

  6. Raise flowers or plants you favorite into the gabion planters.
    Several green plants are raised in the gabion planter.

    Raise plants or flowers in the gabion planter.