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Superior Defensive Bastion Barriers Are Available for Military Defense

Military defensive barrier is also known as defensive bastion barrier and is widely used in war-torn countries. It is a combination of welded gabion baskets and heavy duty non-woven geotextile. It is mainly used for perimeter security along national borders and military defense at battlefields. Different from traditional sandbags, defensive bastion barrier is a prefabricated, multi-cellular system with a protective structure. It can be quickly installed and deployed with minimal manpower. It also differs from the welded gabion basket as it can be filled with sands, soils, gravels, etc

Defensive bastion barriers are filled with sands and one of the barrier is unlocked.

Defensive bastion barrier structure

Soldiers are building defensive bastion barriers for military defense.

Defensive bastion barrier construction

For defense and protection purpose, defensive bastion barriers must be strong enough in terms of height, depth and hardness to withstand attacks from massive weapon systems. Then what is a qualified defensive bastion barrier? A qualified defensive barrier must comply with the following requirements.

  • Defensive bastion barrier must be made of 4 mm or 5 mm galvanized steel wire or zinc-aluminum alloy wire. Other sizes and materials are unacceptable.
  • The material for defensive bastion barriers must have a tightening capacity of not less than 550 N/mm2.
  • The welding power of the defensive bastion barrier shall be at least 70% of the tensile strength.
  • The tightening and welding power of defensive bastion barriers must be coherent.
  • The defensive bastion barrier must be stackable to allow the construction of high walls and easy storage.
  • In the defensive bastion barrier design, you must ensure that the linked barrier wall can be rotated in 45° and 90° to facilitate the filling of soils, gravels, etc.
  • A variety of sizes and specially designed defensive bastion barriers must be provided to adapt to different application scenes.

All our defensive bastion barriers are produced to meet these requirements. Therefore, our defensive bastion barriers can properly protect soldiers, vehicles, equipment and facilities in military premises, peacekeeping, humanitarian and civilian operations. We have various defensive bastion barriers for you to choose from, you can buy it without rear worries