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Woven Gabion Installation Guide


Woven gabion is double twisted steel wire structures with hexagonal meshes in box or mattress types. Standard size is 2.7 mm wire diameter and 80 × 100 mm mesh sizes with galvanized surface.

It is supplied in flat packs and complete with lacing wires or clips.


Gabions are delivered in a collapsed and compressed structure. They are strapped together in a folded form on pallets or bundles for save spacing and easy transporting. The lacing wire is delivered in coils.


  1. Prepare materials. Prepare all needed gabions, lacing wires and tools. And unfold and remove each gabion onto a flat hard surface and remove unwanted shipping folds.
  2. Erect each section up. Form an open box by erecting the sides, ends and diaphragms vertically.
  3. Fasten with lacing wire. The edges of the gabion and the diaphragms are then jointed together by using lacing wire. Pull each loop tightly and finally secure the end of the lacing wire to the wire mesh with a loop and/or twist. All units should be joined securely to any neighbouring gabions on the same layer before the filling commences.
  4. Fill the stones into gabions. The rocks used should be hard; angular to round and durable. During the filling operation there may be a need to use manual stone placement to minimise any voids. The exposed faces of the vertical structures may be carefully hand placed for a neat, flat and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  5. Covered lid with lacing wire. The top edge of the diaphragm must be exposed. Fold the lid and edges of the panels to be connected down. The lids should be tightly laced along all edges to the sides and diaphragms in the same manner as described in the assembling units. All end wires should be turned in to prevent sharp protrusions.
  6. Continue construction. If a run of units is not filled to each level in one go, then always step down the filling at the end otherwise distortion will occur. This also allows further units to be connected later.
 Several pieces of woven gabions and a roll of lacing wires on white background.

Prepare Materials
Prepare all needed gabion panels and lacing wires

End, Side and front panel of gabion box is erected.

Erect Each Section Up
Erect front, back and all diaphragms vertically

Gabion baskets are connected with lacing wires and a detail of connection.

Fasten with lacing wire
fasten and secure each panels together with lacing wires

Several stones in the gabion cage.

Fill Gabions with stones
Gabion box is filled with stones by hand or with a shovel.

The lid of gabion cage is closed with lacing wire.

Cover lid with lacing wire
When gabions are filled with stones, cover the lids with lacing wire

Several gabion mattress and gabion box are form a retaining wall.

Continue construction
Combine gabion mattress and gabion boxes step by step to build your projects