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Strict Quality Control Procedures Make Superior Gabion Baskets Possible

Superior quality has always been our vision and relentless pursuit. All our gabion basket are manufactured in accordance with strict quality control procedures to meet customer demands. We implement strict quality control from the following aspects.

  • Top Grade Raw Materials

    Our materials come from large steel plants to ensure that all materials have good toughness and enjoy a long service life.

    We keep all customer materials on record to ensure the consistency of every order.

  • State-of-the-art Machines

    In the production process, we adopt state-of-the-art machines to avoid deformation, burrs and other defects.

    By doing so, we realize strict quality control in the first stage of production to ensure superior product quality.

  • Super Flat Mesh Surface

    Being leveled by a large leveler, the gabion basket surface is flattened and easy to storage and transportation.

    We have levelers with the largest width to achieve the leveling effect of large size mesh.

  • Minimum Tolerance

    We have sophisticated hydraulic cutting machines that can cut the size exactly as customer required, so that all our products are cut with minimum tolerance.

  • 100% Inspection Rate

    Our professional quality control staff will perform all inspection procedures according to standard operating procedures and do their best to check all products and achieve 100% inspection rate.

  • Perfect Packaging

    We use moisture-proof, anti-rust and anti-breakage packaging materials for packaging or pack upon request.

It can be seen that we have implemented strict enough control procedures over the production process, quality, material and flatness to ensure that every process is qualified and all gabion baskets produced are high quality products. Only in this way, you can purchase our gabion baskets without rear worries.