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Superior Welded Gabion Baskets – Your Perfect Choice for Oyster Gabions

With a huge market potential, welded gabion basket has been widely used in building decorations and served as gabion walls, garden gabion baskets, interior decoration, fireplaces, building facades, etc. Recently, we have found that welded gabion basket also plays an important role in the seaside ecological environment restoration. It is mainly used for restoring oyster reefs and breeding baby oysters.

Many welded gabion baskets filled up with oyster shells are placed on the ship for unloading.

Welded gabion baskets on ship

Many welded gabion baskets with oyster shells are shipped to the seacoast.

Welded gabion baskets at seacoast

As everyone knows, New York Harbor was once the largest producer of oysters in the United States. However, over-harvesting and raw sewage dumping quickly brought the oyster production to an end. What's worse, people piled up leftover oyster shells in garbage dumps, resulting in serious environmental pollution and waste of resources.

Currently, people are using welded gabion baskets for restoring the oyster reefs and reconstructing the ecosystem of New York Harbor. Then what kind of roles does the welded gabion basket play in the whole process:

  • Welded gabion baskets are used to fill up recycled oyster shells to provide perfect structures for oyster larvae and keep them stay in water.
  • The new generation of oysters in the gabion baskets helps clean the water and creates a healthier living environment for fish, other seafood and plants.
  • Oyster shells in the gabion baskets can prevent the shell scattering arising from the impact of seawater and greatly improve the survival rate of baby oysters.
The picture shows a vast number of oyster shells are filled in the welded gabion basket.

Welded gabion basket for oyster shells

Four welded gabion baskets are filled up with oyster shells for oyster reef restoration.

Welded gabion baskets for oyster reef restoration

Welded gabion baskets with oyster shells are placed under water.

Welded gabion basket placement

Now an increasing number of countries are choosing welded gabion baskets to fill oyster shells and breed oyster larvae. That's because the use of welded gabion baskets reduces maintenance costs, increases the production of oysters, and maintain the ecological environment. Compared with other breeding methods, welded gabion basket has the following advantages:

  • Material advantages

    Oysters live in a high salt environment which requires the product having higher corrosion resistance performance. Welded gabion baskets are made of 5% or 10% zinc aluminum alloy wire (galfan wire). Compared with traditional galvanized wire, zinc aluminum alloy wire has higher corrosion resistance, and enjoys a longer service life that is about 2–3 times than that of galvanized wire. This extends the service life of gabion baskets and reduces replacement and maintenance costs. While the properties of zinc aluminum alloy material allow the gabion baskets to be used in more severe high temperature, high salt and high corrosion environments.

  • Structure advantages

    Welded gabion baskets for oyster farming adopt galfan wire with a diameter of 12.5 gauge and a mesh size of 1.5" × 1.5". The fully automatic mechanical welding structure makes the basket have a strong, rigid structure, and avoids the basket deformation under the impact of water flow resulting in the increase of the mortality of oysters. At the same time, the large space utilization area allows more space for oyster growing, thereby increasing the oyster production. In addition, the 1.5"mesh size ensures sufficient oxygen for oyster larvae and prevents oyster shell loss.

According to our experience, we recommend welded gabion baskets with the following specifications:

  • Material: 5% or 10% zinc aluminum alloy wire
  • Wire diameter: 12.5 gauge
  • Mesh size: 1.5" × 1.5"
  • Basket size: 6' L × 3' W × 1' H

If you want to find a gabion basket that meets your requirements or customize other sizes, you can consult us directly. We are a professional manufacturer of gabion baskets. We can provide professional suggestions to help you find proper gabion baskets quickly.