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Welded Gabion Installation Guide


Welded gabion is manufactured from 4 mm galvanized or galfan steel wire. Welded mesh in a square 76 × 76 mm. It is supplied in flat packs and complete with lacing wires or clips.

It is supplied in flat packs on pallet and lacing wire in rolls or spiral wires bundles.


Gabions are delivered in a collapsed and compressed structure. They are strapped together in a folded form on pallets for save spacing and easy transporting. The lacing wire is delivered in coils and spiral wires are bundled.


Lacing Wire

Use a continuous lacing wire to weave in and out of each mesh and form a tight joint. At the start and finish of the run of lacing, the wire should be wrapped around the panel wire 3 times.

it is recommended that the maximum length is about 1.4 m of wires when lacing approximately 1 m meshes.

Do not cut all coils, as longer lengths of wire are needed for internal bracing.

Helicals / Spiral Wire

Adjacent vertical panels are joined together by winding the helical (spiral wires) down the mesh. Only use one helical (spiral wire) for assembly when jointing to an adjacent unit.

At the top and bottom end of the helical (spiral wire), the last coil must be turned vertically through 90 degrees to prevent the helical from moving.

C rings

You can place the C rings at each mesh if the fill stones are heavy. You can place them every other meshes if the stones are light weight.

The C rings are closed with manual or automatic closing tool. It is ideal for large scheme or large projects for long term and efficient use. We can supply this tool along with your goods, just remind us if you need it.

U Clips

U clips are similar to C rings, which also need be installed with manual or pneumatic tools. You can place the U clips at each mesh if the fill stones are heavy. You can place them every other meshes if the stones are light weight.

Hook Connection

The panels are designed with hools for easy installation and operation. It needs no lacing wires or clips when installation for efficient working.

It is ideal for light weight and small projects of applications.


  1. Prepare materials. Prepare all needed gabions, spiral wires, lacing wires and tools. And unfold and remove each gabion onto a flat hard surface and remove unwanted shipping folds.
  2. Erect each section up. Form an open box by erecting the sides, ends and diaphragms vertically.
  3. Secure Panels with Spiral Wires. The edges of the gabion and the diaphragms are then jointed together by using spiral wires, C clips or lacing wire. Pull each loop tightly and finally secure the end of the lacing wire to the wire mesh with a loop and/or twist. All units should be joined securely to any neighbouring gabions on the same layer before the filling commences.
  4. Install Stiffeners. To avoid local deformation the cells should be filled in stages. At 1/3 depth of fill and again at 2/3 depth of fill, stiffners should be placed from the front to back of the welded gabions.
  5. Fill the stones into gabions. The rocks used should be hard, angular to round and durable. During the filling operation there may be a need to use manual stone placement to minimise any voids. The exposed faces of the vertical structures may be carefully hand placed for a neat, flat and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  6. Covered lid with spiral wires. The top edge of the diaphragm must be exposed. Fold the lid and edges of the panels to be connected down. The lids should be tightly laced along all edges to the sides and diaphragms in the same manner as described in the assembling units. All end wires should be turned in to prevent sharp protrusions.
Several pieces of galfan welded gabions and a roll of lacing wires on white background.

Prepare Materials

 End, Side and front panel of gabion box is erected.

Erect Panels Up

Welded gabion baskets are connected with lacing wires and a detail of connection.

Secure Panels with Spiral Wires

Several stones in the gabion cage.

Install Stiffeners

Several stones in the welded gabion cage.

Fill Gabion with Stones

The lid of welded gabion cage is closed with spiral wires.

Close the Lid