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Welded Mesh Gabion Cladding Installation Guide

Step 1: Assess the Strength of the Structure

Assess the structure where you are intending to attach the cladding to ensure it can hold the weight of the gabion cladding structure.

If you are not certain, test the structure using a tension testing tool.

Test the structure using a tension testing tool

Step 2: Mark Area

Mark the exact location where you plan to install the welded mesh gabion cladding. Use a spirit level or laser level to ensure the wall is straight.

Mark the exact installation location and measure the wall with a spirit level

Step 3: Assemble Welded Gabion

If the filled stones are heavy, place the C rings at each mesh. And if the stones are light weight, place them every other meshes.

The C rings are closed with manual or automatic closing tool. It is ideal for large scheme or large projects for long term and efficient use. We can supply this tool along with your goods, just remind us if you need it.

C rings details

Step 4: Attach the First Row Gabion to the Wall

Assemble the first row of welded gabions and attach them onto the wall with clamp plates & bolts system (steel plates & eye bolts system).

Attach the first row gabion to the wall with bolt & steel plate system

Step 5: Insert Beams into the Gabion (Optional)

For more stability, you can install the first row of welded gabion into the ground/concrete. You can also insert beams through the gabion basket.

Insert beams from the welded gabions to the ground/concrete.

Step 6: Fasten Angle Section & Clamp Bar (Optional)

You can install angle sections and clamp bars for additional stability between welded gabions and wall as well gabion neighbors.

Reinforce the welded gabions-wall connection with angle sections & clamp bars

Step 7: Fill the Gabion

Fill the welded mesh gabion cladding with stones. Natural stone (such as basalt, granite, slate and gneiss, etc.) with dense structure is the most used material to fill in gabion cladding due to its durability, stability and resistance performance.

Fill the welded mesh gabion cladding with stones.

Step 8: Attach the Remaining Rows

Repeat steps 3–5 above for each row of welded gabion installation.

Attach each row of gabion cladding

Step 9: Add an Opening (Optional)

If a lintel is required, then a door or window needs to be made in the cladding opening.

Lintels for window & door

Step 10: Complete

All installation is complete as the drawing, the gabions are firmly attached onto the wall and has flat surface for better appearance.

Gabion cladding, wall, clamp plate, bolt & concrete footing

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