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Advantages of Galfan Wire Over Galvanized wire for Gabion Baskets

Gabion baskets are widely used in protection, decoration and construction fields. Recently, we found that the determining factor that affects the lifespan of gabion baskets is raw materials. Nowadays, galfan gabion baskets are getting more popular on the market.

So why galfan gabion baskets are getting so popluar?

Here are the advantages of galfan wire over galvanized wire:

  • Better Corrosion Resistance

    The corrosion resistance of galfan wire is about 2.5–3 times than that of galvanized wire.

  • Extended Service Life

    Galvanized wire oxidizes as time and climate change, resulting in a decrease in its service life. While oxidized galfan wire forms zinc and aluminum two protective films, leading to a increase in its service life.

Why choose galfan wire with 5% or 10% aluminum content?

To this end, we conducted an experiment on the relationship between the aluminum content and the corrosion amount of the coating. The experimental results are as follows: when the aluminum content is 5% or 10%, the corrosion amount of the coating is 5 g/m2 per year. However, when the aluminum content continues to increase, the corrosion amount increases instead. When the aluminum content reaches 40%, the corrosion amount is 5 g/m2 per year again. It can be concluded that galfan wire with 5% or 10% aluminum content is our best choice for gabion baskets in term of corrosion resistance and economic cost.

In summary, compared with galvanized wire, galfan wire shows better corrosion resistance performance and enjoys a longer service life. If you need galfan gabion baskets or gabion wall, please contact us directly. We have professional business staff to help you solve all your concerns about gabion baskets.