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Galfan Gabion Has Better Anti-corrosion and Ductility Than Galvanized Gabion

How to choose suitable gabion? Galfan gabion or galvanized gabion? These two all have excellent properties. Here are some details about the comparison of galfan gabion and galvanized gabion, which can help you choose appropriate gabions.

Galfan gabion:

Galfan gabion is made of galfan coated wire. And galfan coating has excellent adhesion and superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion.
So galfan gabion has many good performances:

  • Very excellent corrosion and harsh conditions resistance;
  • Strong ductility;
  • Tensile strength is higher than 400 MPa;
  • Environmentally friendly.

Galvanized gabion:

Galvanized gabion is a common type gabion that made of galvanized steel wire, and it can be divided into electric galvanized gabion and hot dipped galvanized gabion.
Here are some features of galvanized gabion:

  • Good toughness and elasticity;
  • Rust resistance;
  • Economical.

Generally, galvanized gabions are used in dry, weak corrosion environment, such as roadside, slope, etc.

Compared with galvanized gabion, galfan gabion possesses following advantages:

  • Better corrosion resistance;
  • More excellent weldability;
  • Better elasticity and ductility;
  • No cracks.

Therefore, galfan gabion is applied in harsh conditions:

  • Dams system;
  • Marine industry, coastal reinforcement;
  • River bank or channel lining;
  • Storm and flood solution;
  • Garden water view.

In summary, galfan gabion has a wider range of applications and it is cost-effective. On the other hand, galfan in a new kind of material which is featured with environmentally friendly. You can choose a suitable gabion according your budget and application scenario.

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