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Gabion Barrier Application List

Desert Gabion

Desert gabion possesses is durable with stable structure that can reinforce sand and green or regulate desert to beautify environment.

Gabion Flex Mesh

Gabion flex mesh has a simple structure, and so in case of emergency, it is easy to put into use that for temporary road and road reinforcement.

Reinforced Ecologs Gabion

Reinforced ecologs gabion has good permeability and can resist to erosion, and it help vegetation grow and green wasteland, slope, garden, etc.


Macmat-R has a stable three-dimensional structure and is widely used in rockfall and soil protection, vegetation growth.

Geotextile Bags Gabion

Geotextile bags gabion has good flexibility that can withstand high stress and has high permeability that can green slope with a long service life.

Gabion Channel

Gabion Channel is easy to installed and can resist to corrosion used for river lining, and can protect and beautify the river bank.

Gabion Groynes

Gabion groynes are commonly used in seacoast to control lateral erosion and in rivers to maintain a channel to prevent ice jamming.

Gabion Mesh Roll

Gabion mesh roll is commonly hexagonal wire mesh for rockfall mesh, or be made into gabion baskets, gabion mattress for landscape, river bank.

Gabion Fence

Gabion fence is cost-effective and durable, and it can protect your privacy and also decorate patio and garden with unique aesthetic effect.

Road Mesh

Road mesh commonly has transverse reinforcement bars enhancing tensile strength, and it can be used in pavement reinforced system and which is easy to crush.

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